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How to pick the perfect colour for your patio cover

A patio cover may be — ought to be! – a true eye-catcher from the backyard. So, of course, you would like your patio cover to match the color of your house perfectly. Unsure which color is ideal for your patio pay ? Take this advice to heart to select the ideal color super fast!

Select a color that matches the environment
Your home and backyard would be the beginning point. Is your home painted a crisp white? Simply pick the identical style for your own patio cover. If your house appears fairly rural, you can not fail with gentle beige or hot gray. Also take into consideration your garden and your manner of garden furniture.

Still can not decide? It is bicolour into the rescue!
Should you find it tough to stick to a single color — we understand, the Renson color palette is extensive — you may too choose two! The bicolour option permits you to purchase the framework in 1 color and the louvres in an entire different colour. How about mixing a dark gray frame and light gray louvres?

Can you find those different colors hard to picture? Read our inspiration site! It is filled to the brim with trendy patio covers and side panels in all types of colors. By way of instance, the Fixscreen vertical side panels made from glass fiber cloth are offered in a wide color palette and a range of distinct textures. You may also have them printed using a personal picture.



Panther City Patio Covers is completely insured and committed to building exceptional and affordable custom patio covers. Whether you need specific style, like a drop patio cover or gabled patio cover, or in case you only have to have your current patio cover revitalized, our ability and expertise can help to make your dream terrace a reality. Does a terrace cover deliver a pleasing aesthetic to your residence, but in addition, it adds value. A gorgeous custom made patio cover may add the perfect touch to make your home feel like a home. The colour provided can make it possible for you and your loved ones to enjoy each others company whilst getting some fresh air under the security of your brand new patio cover.

We construct custom patio covers, but that is not all that we do.

Panther City Patio Covers also assembles custom display rooms to pull your lawn together and make a fantastic room for entertaining or spending a relaxing night outdoors. Our display rooms provide you protection against the harshest elements while allowing you to enjoy the areas of the weather that you enjoy most. A display room provides you somewhere to dry off after getting out of the pool without burning off your feet on the hot sidewalk, enjoy the gorgeous breeze and the scent of rain without getting wet, or sit on your own display area and bask in the warmth with no excess harmful rays of sunlight. Let us remember the Fort Worth region has a reasonable number of mosquitoes. A display room is the ideal way to keep the bugs out and enjoy the outside.


Our lovely red cedar pergolas supply an excellent spot to escape in the sun as you sit back and unwind in your own backyard. With no walls and gorgeous cedar cross timbers, a pergola makes a light, airy room to unwind. Your hand crafted pergola could be attached to an present arrangement or even constructed as a standalone piece. We”re also more than pleased to custom paint or stain your existing or new pergola. Whether you need us to construct your custom pergola to impart a few much needed color to read a publication on a bright day, or when you would like a exceptional invention so that you can take shelter in the sun”s strongest rays while grilling for family members and friends, Panther City Patio Covers can construct a customized pergola tailored to match your particular requirements.

You could always rely on Panther City Patio Covers to stand behind our work. We work hard to be the meeting point between guaranteed and affordability, exceptional excellent craftsmanship. Whether you would like a personalized patio cover, display space, or pergola to finish your vision, we”ve got the ability to make it occur. No matter your requirements, contact Panther City Patio Covers now to determine how we can assist you curate the outside area of your dreams.

Where should I build my patio cover?

A patio cover ought to be constructed off the home in a place in need of protection against rain or sunlight. Most homeowners decide to find a patio cover directly off their rear door so it functions as an extension of the living area. Consult with a landscape professional for advice on finding a pay to the largest possible amount of colour. Frequent areas for patio covers comprise past a terrace, dining room, built-in grill or outdoor fireplace.

How large should my patio cover ?
The magnitude of a patio cover is determined by the size of the region you want to protect or colour. When constructing a patio cover to accommodate dining room or alternative patio furniture ensure the articles are spaced wide enough for folks to walk around the furniture. Remember that the taller a pay is the protection against the elements it offers. Furthermore, the reduced a patio cover will be that the more cramped it may sense. Assess with a landscape architect or terrace cover installer to choose a height that”s proportionate to the desired width and length.

Broad and solid patio covers supply unique degrees of protection. A good roof will block all lighting and snow or rain. Normally good patio covers are made from aluminum. But, you might have a good terrace covering roofed with shingles to match your residence.

Learn about the distinction between solid and open patio covers and receive help deciding which kind is perfect for your requirements from the movie at right.

What if I need a patio cover that”s freestanding?
Color structures which aren”t connected to a construction are generally known as pergolas.