Where to Build a Patio

What is the best location for a new patio construction or installation project? There are a things you should know. If you are building a new covered patio, you definitely want to pick the best spot. You should build the patio on flat land in a location that is easily

What is a patio cover?

A patio cover is a special structure that can be installed above your patio, deck, or other outdoor area. Patio covers come in all shapes and sizes, with different materials too. A patio cover is built to cover and protect your outside living spaces as an addition on the side

How Big Should My Patio Cover Be?

When deciding the size of your patio cover, most people only think about the size of their patio and want it to match nicely. However, there are things to consider like walking space, and height. Let Patio Cover Pearland help you plan and build the patio cover of your dreams.

Affordable Patio Cover Removal

Patio Cover Pearland takes care of home owners and developers with the best patio cover removal services. Deconstructing, demolishing, and removing patio covers and all debris is best left to an experience patio cover company. It”s important to take down a patio cover safely, and without destroying any surrounding property.

Concrete Patio Cover Design

A concrete patio cover installation is a perfect custom construction or remodeling project. Patio Cover Pearland can build any style of patio cover, whether you need glass, wood, metal, or concrete patio cover designs. We”ve seen and done it all. Our trusted patio cover installations in Pearland, TX can be