What is a patio cover?

A patio cover is a special structure that can be installed above your patio, deck, or other outdoor area. Patio covers come in all shapes and sizes, with different materials too. A patio cover is built to cover and protect your outside living spaces as an addition on the side of your house. The structure may be made of metal, wood, glass, or a combination of all. There are other options too so there is no shortage of designs and preferences for homeowners wanting a new patio cover in Pearland, TX.

A patio cover should not be confused with a pergola, which is a less expensive cover made for much smaller spaces. A free standing pergola is not attached to the house, but will cover a small patio or other sitting area. A patio cover should not be compared to an awning, which is a much tinier overhang for doorways, windows, and more. While pergolas, gazebo covers, and awnings do in fact provide cover for an outdoor space, a patio cover is specifically an additional structure that is intended to permanently cover the whole patio area.

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