How Big Should My Patio Cover Be?

When deciding the size of your patio cover, most people only think about the size of their patio and want it to match nicely. However, there are things to consider like walking space, and height. Let Patio Cover Pearland help you plan and build the patio cover of your dreams.

Patio covers can range from eight to twelve feet tall. Lower patio covers can cause your patio to feel cramped, however, the taller the cover is, the less protection it offers from the elements. Some ways around that are to utilize a low open or lattice cover to allow light and air to filter in making the space feel spacious. 

The actual size of the patio cover depends on how much area you’d like to shade or cover. If you already have patio furniture, or you’re planning on getting a large setting, you’ll want to make sure that the posts are spaced out enough to allow plenty of walking room around your patio furniture.